Lessons from Mexico – #3

Lesson #3: the Father’s heart for the lost


The view of Tepoztlan from el cerro de la luz

During the first week in Tepoztlan, we were invited to join the church in praying for the town. We walked up a local hill that overlooks the town – ‘el cerro de la luz’, meaning the hill of light. It was breathtaking just to take in the beauty of His creation surrounding us (literally breathtaking too – some of it was quite steep!). There was something moving about seeing the church pray  for the salvation of the town people, for His kingdom come in Tepoztlan.

We had some time to pray in smaller groups. I kept my eyes open so I could look at the town as I prayed. During this time, the Lord poured His heart into mine. The heart of a Father yearning to be reconciled with His children, to see this people saved. It was so strong, so powerful, such passionate love. I don’t think it was even the whole thing, just a little taster so I wouldn’t burst, and yet my little heart was still unable to contain it. What heart would? His love is so great and unfathomable.

I have previously known this love for the lost, a heart that ached for people to be saved. But I let life distract me and I forgot. I was reluctant to speak out, not knowing what to say or how to say it. The more I let fear speak louder than the Holy Spirit, the weaker His voice becomes within me. This outpouring of His heart in Mexico was a reminder of the Lord’s passion, and of how much I had decidedly forgotten and ignored it.

It is so easy to let the more pressing things of everyday life – deadlines, exams, events, relationships – to take priority. But what is more pressing and urgent than the salvation of souls! We must remember the grace given to us was not just for us to sit happily in His blessings, but to get up and go, sharing the gospel so that others may hear the life-saving good news. I have noticed that my faith grows the most and is strongest when I have done so. When I ignore this calling to share, my faith begins to get stagnant and lukewarm. Let us fight the fears and the comforts that hold us back, and trust in the Holy Spirit as we, in faith, testify to the Truth that sets us free.


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